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Editor’s Choice: Connor Bedard Show Stopping Skills Taking Over



Whether it was the first goal that he earned off of larceny or the second where he buried the shot snapping the puck in midair, there was no denying that Chicago Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard truly is something special.

In the first few games where Bedard was acclimating to the league, there was a contingency of fans outside of Chicago enjoying the slow start.

Maybe he won’t be what they said he’d be. But like the Grinch’s expression as the Whos still sing without their usual overabundance of gifts, the same are likely as disappointed with the sudden surge.

The numbers are something. Point-per-game pace (9-4). Four goals in two games. Six points in two games. How about the shot that potted the second one–maybe even whacked out of air and into the net. Bedard wasn’t sure postgame when asked about it–a goal is a goal after all–but what came through in that postgame interview doubles down on everything advertised.

Blackhawks and Bedard Building for the Better

Bedard credited his teammates and repeated that it’s about the final result not the numbers by his name. This is hardly new–something he’s done consistently whether playing for Regina or Team Canada at the World Juniors. He is the whole package and it’s rare to be able to say that about a player so early into a young rookie’s tenure. There haven’t been a lot of sure bets – just three counting Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, and Auston Matthews. They were the guys who teams tanked hard for. Jack Hughes is putting his name in that category now, too.

Blessed with a generational talent, the hard part isn’t watching him grow. It’s building around him–which general manager Kyle Davidson has already been prepping for by clearing out any potential salary cap burdens. It’s been short-term deals for the long term build.

Of course nothing is guaranteed. The disclaimer is always a necessity–ask any Chicago fan as such. 2018 Bears? Nothing came of it after the double-doink tore the city’s soul out. The 2016 Chicago Cubs who looked like a dynasty in the making? It never went past one.

But there’s something about Bedard that just makes it almost like destiny: that he’s a player who will transform not only an organization, but potentially the league. The short sample size in the past two games has shown that. It won’t be like that every time, but the talent in which he scores those goals is what stands out.

It seems automatic at times.

The Blackhawks have something brewing with Bedard. Enjoy the show because if it keeps up as it looks like it will, Chicago could be back on its way to winning titles–even faster than expected.

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