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AM Analysis: ‘Competitive’ Corey Perry Worth Every Penny So Far



Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson smiled when he said it, but it’s very likely he’s right on when it comes to Corey Perry.

“I mean, you’re going to have to kick him out of the League,” Richardson said.  “I don’t think he’ll ever leave willingly, so he’s not ready to go yet.”

Perry has been everything as advertised since he signed with Chicago after being acquired by Kyle Davidson. So when asked about the guy who was once public enemy #1 in the Windy City, he could only smile that Perry was on the scoresheet again much to thrill of the partisan crowd.

Perry is precisely what Davidson, Richardson, and yes, even Blackhawks fans, hoped he would be.

Blackhawks Influenced by Corey Perry Both on and Off the Ice

With four goals and nine points on the season, Perry continues to skate past expectations and Father Time. Oh, he might not light up the scoresheet they way a Connor Bedard or Nikita Kucherov can at this point in his career. But he’ll rough anyone up who comes near his teammates, dish out the hard hit, or in the case of his goal on Thursday night, lead the rush that eventually ends with the puck on his stick.

Before finding the back of the net.

He’s played 163 out of 164 games the past two regular seasons. He had 25 points last season and is nearly halfway there just 14 games in. Projections have him at 52 points if he plays 81 again, which would mark his best season since 2016-17.

Will it keep up? Who knows. But if there’s anything to consider, it’s to not bet against a guy like Perry.

“He continues to add offense,” Richardson said.  “He’s not the fastest guy in the world but he probably never claimed to be. But he’s a really good player. He’s hard on the stick and he’s competitive and that just becomes infectious around the dressing room. But it’s still showing up on the scoresheet.”

The infectiousness goes beyond the locker room and onto the ice. It’s caught on in the stands, too, as an approving fanbase cheers on his efforts whether it’s a glass rattling hit, or a well timed goal.

Perry, it turns out, is precisely what the Blackhawks needed him to be, and they’re certainly not ready for him to go anywhere, either.

Rest assured, Corey Perry sure looks like he’ll be around for some time more.