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The Daily: Who Are Trendy Picks For the Top 5 Teams in the NHL?



The Chicago Blackhawks are not going to be one of the them as they’re clearly in a rebuild. But who are the trendy top five picks in the NHL during the dog days of summer?

Colorado Hockey Now can enjoy that Sportsnet has its bet on the Colorado Avalanche, believing their ability to get some rest due to a first-round exit as well as having key players returning from injury puts them above the defending champion Vegas Golden Knights. New Jersey Hockey Now also took a look at the same story, noting that the Devils are slotted to take the Metropolitan Division, and the arsenal that New Jersey has assembled makes them the fifth best team in the league.

As for those in the middle? Vegas at two, with Edmonton, and Toronto following at three and four respectively. Curiously, Carolina didn’t make the cut which is interesting since they went further in the playoffs than the middle two.

We’ll check back at the American Thanksgiving to see if it holds up–the official marker for contenders and pretenders for the NHL playoffs.

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