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Blackhawks Wrap: Rank and File



It was a week of ranking Chicago Blackhawks prospects at Chicago Hockey Now as well as seeing them ranked in other avenues, too. The NHL Network gave their top 50 choices which CHN looked at in detail along with how it was broken down by organization.

In spite of just having three prospects in that top 50, Chicago is still in fine shape. Rankings are usually subjective, with few players being unanimous. Connor Bedard is one–Kevin Korchinski appears to be another though it’s really up to how he’s being ranked that ultimately determines where he sits on the list.

This week’s wrap has a little bit of everything it. Bedard being in full Blackhawks gear because of an endorsement.  A closer look at prospects and how they fit into the system. Even a little bit of Rockford news.

A lack of a season makes thematic wraps tougher to write so it’s paused until a season is upon us. But until then, here’s a look at CHN’s Top Ten this week.

CHN’s Top Ten

  1. The Blackhawks and their fans say goodbye to the late Rocky Wirtz
  2. The World Juniors Summer Showcase revealed just how good the Blackhawks prospect depth is
  3. Connor Bedard in a full Blackhawks uniform wakes fans up from a summer slumber of hockey-less news
  4. Three Blackhawks prospects crack the NHL Network’s Top 50 Prospects List
  5. Centers were all the rage for the NHL Network, ranking the top 20 in the league. But fear not Blackhawks fans, the way Chicago has drafted shows they’re following a trend seen in that top 20
  6. 10 Blackhawks who looked absolutely wrong wearing the jersey of another team
  7. The only goalie on CHN’s Top 10 Blackhawks prospects list, a look at why Drew Commesso could be with the club in as early as two seasons
  8. How about another winger on the list? Gavin Hayes has a chance to be a big-time scorer for Chicago
  9. The final prospect making the list is an underrated one–and one fans should keep an eye on because he’s better than most think
  10. Another defenseman–another potential draft gem for the Blackhawks at #8 in CHN’s ranked prospect list

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